Quotes ❤️

Just some of my favorite quotes and such. Some about relationships, depression, love, break-ups, etc. I may have found these either on the internet, or maybe just thought up myself. So I'm not going to keep you from reading so yeah, enjoy. (:


11. 11

She paints a pretty picture ,

But this story has a twist .

Her paint brush is her razor ,

And her canvas was her wrist .

She paints her pretty picture ,

In a color that's blood red .

While using her sharp paint brush ,

She ends up finally dead .

Her pretty pictures fading ,

Quite slowly on her arm .

The blood is not racing through her ,

She can no longer do harm .

She painted her pretty picture ,

But her picture had a twist .

You see her mind was her razor ,

And her heart was her wrist .

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