1D Images! (On Hold)

Sorry! Important project to do and I'm busy! I'll get back to y'all as soon as I can! Please don't request while I'm gone!


3. For Makenzie

*This is for my IRL BFF, Makenzie, but I call her Cray. She can't make up her mind to be in the book or not, so I've been asking her questions over Skype and I'm doing this for her! Makenzie, AKA Blossomwolf42!*

Harry and I have been friends for a long time. We hang out when he's not busy. I've actually began to like him more and more over the years. Today, him and I are going to dinner because it's been awhile. We sent out around 5:30 and the drive was long. "Harry, where are we going?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence. "You'll see, love." He said. I rolled my eyes. Everytime I asked him that, that was his reply. We actually pulled up at the zoo. "Harry, why are we here? I'm hungry." I whined jokingly. He laughed. "You'll see." He said again. I cursed under my breath as we walked. Little did I know, he was leading me to the petting zoo area. We got there and there was a cute baby koala. "Aww! It's so cute!" I gushed. I couldn't look away from it. We walked to zoo for a while, then went to the little food court. "Oh! Thank god! I'm so hungry!" I said. "You sound like Niall!" Harry laughed. I rolled my eyes with a smile. We talked for a while. "Hey, Cray. I need to show you something." Harry said. "Alright, Curly." I said. He rolled his eyes. We walked back to the koalas. "Go on, it's called a petting zoo for a reason." He said. I reached out my hand an pet the baby koala. I smiled. Harry tapped my shoulder. I turned around and I saw the most unbelievable thing. A cute koala was holing a sigh that said, "Will you be Harry's girlfriend?" and I always passed out. My knees gave out, but Harry grabbed hold of me. "Hell yes!" I said. Harry smiled. He scooped me up into his arms and I laughed. Next thing I know, his lips are to mine. I died with happiness.


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