1D Images! (On Hold)

Sorry! Important project to do and I'm busy! I'll get back to y'all as soon as I can! Please don't request while I'm gone!


7. For Food_Is_Gud

I sat up in my room drawing and eating. My mum walked into my room. "Stephanie, I have a surprise for you." She said. "If it's a new pair of socks, don't bother." I sighed. She always gave me lame gifts when I was drawing. She slipped a 1D concert ticket in front of me. "OMG! How!?" I said. "Because you deserve it!" She said with a smile. It was tonight in 2 hours. I jumped up, pushed her out of my room and searched for some clothes. I finally settled on everyday clothes. I sighed and hurried out to my car. The concert was starting in 30 minutes. I drove over and the place was packed.

*After The Concert*

I was walking back to my car and I saw Niall Horan walking up to me. "Hello there." He said with a smile. "Hi!" I said, smiling back. "I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner tomorrow." He said. "I'd love to! I'm Stephanie, by the way." I said. He smiled and with that, I gave him my number and I was off.

*The Next Night*

I was all ready to go. Niall said he'd be here around 7. I saw he pull up into the driveway and I smiled. I ran out and he opened the door for me. We were quiet and by the time we finished eating, he was smiling at me. "You know, you're quite pretty." He said and I blushed. "Not too bad yourself." I said. We walked out and he we went for a small walk to a near by park. "Hey, mind if I try something weird?" He asked. "Let's get weird!" I said with a laugh. He smiled and took my hands. He pressed his lips to mine and I was in a state of shock. I didn't care much about much, and I was afraid I'd get hate if anyone found out about this. Stop it! The guy you've liked since 1D was formed is kissing you! I thought. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. He finally pulled away and smiled at me. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked. "YES! I mean... Ya, sure... Cool." I said. HE laughed and pressed his lips to mine again.


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