The Return Of Dark Magic

Join Harry and his friends go on another exciting and dangerous adventure. What happens when Death-Eaters attack the school? This time will they win? Read to find out!! (PLEASE GIVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE) IMPORTANT: ALL RIGHTS TO J.K Rowling!


2. ~Explain~

Chapter 2 ~Explain~

Ron's POV

'Where's Harry? It's took him long enough. Merlin's Beard!' Ginny said, starting to get very angry.

'I'll go check on him. Be right back, beautiful' I said kissing Hermione on the cheek, making her blush.

I love how I have that effect on her.

I exited the compartment and started searching for Harry. I walked around a corner and found Harry.



Unfortunately the whole train heard me and I had seemed to catch everyone's attention.

I lowered my voice a bit.

'Harry. Explain. Now. Malfoy. Piss off.' Was all I was able to say at the moment.

Me and Harry starting walking back to the compartment while the slimy old git walked back to his pug-face girlfriend Pansy Parkinson.

We entered the compartment silently. Harry went back to Ginny and they started snogging which I interrupted happily.

'Where was he?' Ginny asked

'Oh I'll tell you where he was!!' I raised my voice. ' He was hugging that stupid git Malfoy' my face scrunched up when I said his name. It was just like saying Voldemort to me.

'Harry! Since when did you start liking Malfoy?' Ginny said surprised.

'Since today. You wouldn't believe it but Malfoy actually apologized. He said sorry. To my face.' Harry smiled.

'Where else would he say it?' I fake snorted.

'Oh Ron, get over yourself. Your probably just jealous that Malfoy is now Harry's best friend.' Ginny said firmly.

My face was going red. I could feel it. I couldn't imagine what it would be like being friends with Malfoy.

Ergh, his name makes me want to vomit. But it also makes me want to laugh because he does have a pretty weird name.

Anyways, I need to stop Harry from being friends with Malfoy. I'm basically saving his life.

He should thank me for protecting him! But no! Instead he wants to snog with my sister and poor Ginny has to get laid by him in the closet.

I wounded if she likes it?

Cause I would honestly kill Harry if he is forcing her to do it.

Is Harry even my friend?!

'Ron! Did you hear me?' Hermione asked me.

'You never listen to me Ron.' Hermione frowned at me.

I lofted her chin up with my two fingers and snogged her for a couple or more minutes.

In, no time we were at Higwarts. By Jingis that was a long train ride.

Worse one yet I'd say.

I hopped out of the train and grabbed Hermione's hand and entwined my fingers with hers.

She was so beautiful.

More than beautiful.

She is Perfect.

We all got on a carriage pulled by thestrals and made our way to Hogwarts.


End of Chapter 2

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