The Return Of Dark Magic

Join Harry and his friends go on another exciting and dangerous adventure. What happens when Death-Eaters attack the school? This time will they win? Read to find out!! (PLEASE GIVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE) IMPORTANT: ALL RIGHTS TO J.K Rowling!


1. ~Apology Accepted~

Chapter 1 ~Apology Accepted~


Everything and mostly everyone had changed since the wizarding war. Some left with sadness and some even turned good. Harry's scar hadn't pained him since the last time he saw Lord Voldemort.

The Golden Trio were now the heroes of the wizarding world, but of course they stayed at Hogwarts to finish their last year, as they missed out when they were on the hunt for Horcruxes.

The D.A was still up and running by the new owner which is Neville and the two co-owners Luna and Ginny. Everyone had seemed to be much much more braver than before, even our little chubby one Neville. He no longer fears anything and he will always stand for what is right, as he did when siding with Harry even though he thought he was dead.

But that's a load of Merlin's Beard.

Anyways, the 6 happy friends were on their way to Hogwarts Express happily laughing and enjoying each other's company. Ron and Hermione were an official couple and Harry and Ginny got back together. While on the hunt for Horcruxes Harry grew larger feelings for Ginny and decided to ask her out once more. As for Luna and Neville, well they're happy on their own.

Ron and his family are still grieving after the fact that Fred had passed away and it was so horrible that George's twin, basically best friend and other half had died. Hermione, the same old Hermione, always reading, studying and surprisingly snogging.

The couples walked hand in hand to an empty compartment followed by Neville and Luna. When everybody found their seat, Neville cleared his throat.

'Well, guys. Me and Luna would like to tell you something' he said confidently.

'You see last year, when you three were gone, me and Luna kind of...well you know...we were secretly going out. We both discovered that we had deep feelings for each-other and we really like each other. So yeah.' He finished.

Everyone in the compartment accepted the fact that Neville and Luna were now an item.

The compartment door slid open. 'Well. It's none other then the stupid death-eater git Malfoy' Ron spat.

'Well? What do you want?' Ron coldly added.

Everyone was giving him hard glares. 'Potter, can I have a word? I promise it will be quick' he said.

'Uh sure' Harry replied.

The two of them slid the compartment door closed and then found a secret spot to talk.

'Listen, Harry. I just wanted to say sorry. Thanks for freeing my family from the Dark Lord's hold and I highly appreciate it.' Malfoy took a quick breath. 'And I just wanted to apologize for giving you crap and making you feel like hell for the past 7 years. I really do wish we could start again. No hard feelings?' He added and put out a hand that Hardy shook.

'No hard feelings' Harry repeated for agreement.

Malfoy pulled Harry into a man hug and unfortunately someone saw this.


It was Ron.



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