you have to go after what you want (sequal to what i want but can't have)

(read what i want but cant have first) liam and joyce had twins 5 months later, a boy and girl, its now 16 years later and the twins are grown up, scarlett also has a massive secret that she is keeping from her mom and dad. and even her brother, well until he finds her and 'him' kissing. WHO IS THIS MISTERIOUS PERSON THAT SCARLETT IS KISSING AND WHAT IS THE SECRET?, READ TO FIND OUT IN, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!


5. what is he doing here!!!!!!!!!!

Scar's P.O.V.

I walked out of the change room and see Harry!! what is he doing here he cant be the new teacher.

"come and join the class Scar" harry says turning around to face me and sending me a wink, I smile innocently, but I'm still confused as to why he has a job here I mean they still go on tour every now an then, and actually they have on coming up next week for 8 months and all us kids are going and getting home schooled for then.

I go and stand with my friends and brother and listen to what harry, well Mr styles is saying.


 "Cody, Scar, Ami and Tasha meet me at my car please" harry says before walking over and packing away the equipment we used for gymnastics, we nod and go to the change rooms to get changed back into our school uniform.


after I had gotten changed I met the others outside of the gym, and started walking to Harry's car in the teachers car park. once we found his car, we waited for 5 minutes talking about our day, that we have had. harry turned up 10 minutes later smiling, we all got in the car me sitting behind harry with the girls next to me, and Cody in the front seat.

we drop off Tasha and Ami off at Tasha's house then harry drives us to mine and Cody's house.

"sis do you want to stay at Harry's house tonight?" Cody asks me, turning around in his seat to face me smiling, I smile back and nod

"yes" I say, smiling to my brother, he nods and turns around facing the front, as we drive up our street,

harry parks the car across the road from our house and Cody gets out waving goodbye to me and harry. I wave back and harry puts the window up so I can climb into the front, I sit and put my seatbelt on.


me and harry are currently sitting down watching music videos on the TV music channel.

"here's an oldie for all the older people out there, these guys are scheduled to be doing a tour with all the songs this year, hope its great!, don't forget your tickets if you like them" the announcer says, before 'what makes you beautiful' comes on, I smile and turn my head towards harry, a cheeky/embarrassed grin on his face,

"aww harry was so little" I say teasing him.

"hey I was your age there!" he retaliates, I laugh and continue to watch the video.


we are now watching love actually and im cuddled up to Harry's side, with his arms wrapped around me. I feel Harrys hand slowly moving down from my hip to my backside, I bit my lip hoping he isn't watching, he squeezes my bum and I jot up, moving to the other side of the couch facing him, he watches me and smiles at me as I sit there and look at him.



Hey so I will update as much as I can, cause im currently going back to work at the moment and I have a check up in 2 weeks so I will definatly update for u then so you can know a little more about how me and the baby are doing!

thanks lots


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