you have to go after what you want (sequal to what i want but can't have)

(read what i want but cant have first) liam and joyce had twins 5 months later, a boy and girl, its now 16 years later and the twins are grown up, scarlett also has a massive secret that she is keeping from her mom and dad. and even her brother, well until he finds her and 'him' kissing. WHO IS THIS MISTERIOUS PERSON THAT SCARLETT IS KISSING AND WHAT IS THE SECRET?, READ TO FIND OUT IN, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!


2. secrets

Scar's P.O.V.

"Mum in going to Tasha's house to sleep!" i shout from the front door

"okay hunny remeber call me in the morning okay!?" she says

"yep bye mum, by dad and cory" i say running out the front door and down the strret before turning the corner and running down that street. im about to turn the corner but i run into someone and fall on my butt

"oww" i say getting up and rubbing my bum

"oh scar im so sorry" i hear a deep british voice speak, i look up and its harry, i smile and say dont worry

"i gotta go bye harry!" i shout running away

"come to my party tonight scar!" he shouts after me

"okay!" i shout back, and run up tasha's driveway and walk straight in and up to her room, i mean we are that close and uncle zayne and aunt perrie dont mind either. i walk into her room and see her laying on her bed, i run and jump on the bed making her fall off and onto the floor, and i start laughing at the face she is giving me

"hey dont be mad at me, plus you cant we are going to a party tonight and guess who's going to be there" i say teasing her

"who?" she asks

"oh just jacob you know they guy who you have had a crush on like forever" i say and it is true she has had a crush on him since i can actually remember, oh and if you want to know who this jacob person is he is like one of the hotest guys at school and he said he was going to his dads friends party and guess who's party that is, yep if you gueesed harry then your right, and jacob's dad is ed sheeran to so he is really hot, but he's not really my type, i have someone else on my mind at the moment.....................

"okay, okay, okay..... well lets find some cute/sexy outfits to wear then" tasha says i agree and we go to her closet, which has a wide range of clothes, becasue she goes out to parties all the time and i mean all the time. she pulls out four outfits, she chooses a little black dress with white/silver wedges, and i chose a little black dress with long sleeves, and some red converse, i dont actually like heels that much at all.

(tasha's outfit)



(scarlett's outfit)


i get changed and leave  my hair out but curled it, i walk out of the bathroom and see Tasha in her dress and putting on her heels, she looks amazing, i bet ya i look like crap i always do, she has her hair curled and it looks amazing. i get some ankle socks and put them on and them but my red high top converse on and  my necklace i had gotten of 'him' for my birthday about 3 months agao, i wear it wherever i go. we walk downstairs and into the kitche to get a drink before we go, i grab my bag from in the lounge room and we walk outside locking the door behind us.

if your wondering where her parents are they left about an hour ago to go to the airport, they are going on the aniversery holiday, which i think is cute.

we walk about 3 blocks till we come to harry's house, we walk up to the door and walk straight in, the house is already packed, i quickly drag Tasha upstairs and into what i think is harry's room, and dump my bag there, Tasha dumps hers too and we walk back downstairs to the party.


tasha is off dancing with jacob sheeran and im here in the kitchen alone drinking, and yes i am drinking alcohol but im doing it responsibly. i jump up ont the counter and look out the window at all the people out the back

"hey sexy" 'he' wisperes in m ear, a huge smile apears on my lips and i turn around to face 'him' and hugg him wrapping my legs aroung his waist, he lets out a deep chuckle and i pull away but he is still holding me up, i look at him and he looks at me, we are just looking into each others eyes, he looks down at my lips, like he's asking if he is allowed to kiss me, the truth is i havn't had my first kiss and i was kinda worried about what would happen if 'he' found out, i smiled and nodded my head yes, he leant in for the kiss and so did i.

our lips connected and fireworks went off, well thats what it felt like anyway, we were kissing fro about 3 minutes before i heard a voice i didnt think would be here!

"ohhhhhh,_____________(A/N SORRY NOT SAYING HIS NAME LOL YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHO IT IS.) you getting it in tonight" my stupid twin brother cory says,

Me and 'him' pull away from eachother and i look down as 'he' looks at my brother. the next thing i hear, i really didn't want thim to find out.

"Scar is that you" he asks i nodd my head yes and look up at him with tears in my eyes "how could you _________ and how could you scar, that is not right, im gonna call mum" cory says, i quickly jump down and push 'him' out of the rode and run over to cory and ake his phone out of his hand.

"NO!" I scream at him with tears in my eyes.

"why are you making out with 'him' you know this isnt right" he screames back at me pointing to 'him' that is tanding behind me

" BECAUSE I LOVE HIM OKAY!" I Shout to my brother, his face sofends a little but he still looks mad. i take a glance at 'him' behind me and see a shocked expression on his face, he knows i dont love easily and i have told him that but after 5 months of our secret relationship and only kissing him for the first time tonight, i can finally addmitt it im in love with......................................



so her is the first chapter hope you like it,

so who do you think it is? and whats going to happen now that her brother knows and @nialler's_princess21 cant answer these cause she knows who this person is, and really it could be anyone of the characters in this book, anyone of them at all.

thanks, and can i please have some feedback i would really apreciate it, thanks again


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