you have to go after what you want (sequal to what i want but can't have)

(read what i want but cant have first) liam and joyce had twins 5 months later, a boy and girl, its now 16 years later and the twins are grown up, scarlett also has a massive secret that she is keeping from her mom and dad. and even her brother, well until he finds her and 'him' kissing. WHO IS THIS MISTERIOUS PERSON THAT SCARLETT IS KISSING AND WHAT IS THE SECRET?, READ TO FIND OUT IN, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!


7. pic of baby bump - danielle

hey so I thought i might show you a pic of my baby bump I took it last night before I went to bed, can wait like 2 more months then I can tell you all the sex of the baby

any way here is a pic of my baby bump love you all



I took it last night standing infront of my bedroom door my sister Nicole took it too so it wasn't me who took it I cant take that good of a photo anyway here is my babay bump

I also went for a check up again yeaterday and the doctore said everything is fine at the moment and I've also gotta take vitamins everyday too, im not allowed coffee, for some reason which sucks cause I love it, I also am eating really healthy, having salads once a day too


anyway thought i would update on how i was going with my pregnancy, and yeah hope you have a great rest of the day/night wherever you are in the world



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