you have to go after what you want (sequal to what i want but can't have)

(read what i want but cant have first) liam and joyce had twins 5 months later, a boy and girl, its now 16 years later and the twins are grown up, scarlett also has a massive secret that she is keeping from her mom and dad. and even her brother, well until he finds her and 'him' kissing. WHO IS THIS MISTERIOUS PERSON THAT SCARLETT IS KISSING AND WHAT IS THE SECRET?, READ TO FIND OUT IN, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!


6. a party

Harry's P.O.V.

I looked over towards Scar sitting on the other side of the couch, smiling I crawl over to her kneeling in front of her legs which are tugged up to her chest, I lean over and kiss her on the lips, she kisses me back right away. I rub my hand up her thigh and almost get to her 'area', before her hand stops mine and she breaks the kiss, we are both breathing heavily

"I-I can't im sorry" she say looking down trying to hid her tears from me, I sit back pulling her onto my lap

"hey its okay, remember when your ready, you'll know, and I don't care how long that is, because i love you" i say to her, lifting her chin up and wiping the tears away. and yes we haven't had 'it' yet, because Scar isn't ready and i don't want to pressure her, i love her to much, when she's ready, is the only time.

she nods her head and looks at me before kissing me once again, we pull apart a second later to my phone going off, Scar reaches for it and gets it off the coffee table before handing it to me

"hey mate"

"hey Dan, what's up?" I ask Dan who is on the other side of the phone

"your obviously not at the party!" he says

"shit i totally forgot I'll be there in like half an hour" I say down the phone, as I slightly push Scar's hand away from my face, as she is poking my dimples, i catch her hand in mine and send her a cute look. she giggles at this.

"im guessing the reason why is you have Scarlett at your house?" Dan say through the phone

"how'd you know?" i asked him

"oh her parents and brother are here and she isn't sooo" he says trailing off

"yeah she is, anyway we'll be there in  half an hour okay mate?" i ask him

"alright but make sure you both aren't noticeable" he says before hanging up


"who was that?" Scarlett asks me

"Dan , now c'mon we need to get ready for a costume party!" I say, as she gets off me and i get up pulling her to my room, once there i find my batman outfit and get her cat woman outfit out for her.

"change into this" i say handing it to her, she nods happily and runs into my unsuite while i stay in my room and change.


(harry's outfit)



(Scarlett's outfit)

Scarlett walks out of the bathroom smiling at me, i grin and look her up and down, the costume hugs her in all the right places, i walk over to her and give her a kiss, before walking into the back of my closet to get the masks and ears and a blonde wig for Scar, I walk out and hand her the wig and her mask and ears, before putting my mask on.

(Scarlett's wig)




Scar's P.O.V.

I put the blonde wig on then put my ears over it and my mask on, i look in the mirror and i cant even recognise myself at all, I walk back out of the bathroom and see batman sitting on the bed, you cant even tell its harry, under the mask because his curls are hidden, which is a good thing i guess, i just hope mum and da wont be there or any of my uncles or auntie's.

"lets go" harry says as we walk out of his bedroom and towards the front door of the house.

this is gonna be a fun night, i think to myself

'boy was i wrong!'



here's the next chapter and yeah I know it sucks but im not feeling well at all, and i don't know why, anyway please like comment and fav, I'd like to know if this story is actually worth continuing, thanks


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