you have to go after what you want (sequal to what i want but can't have)

(read what i want but cant have first) liam and joyce had twins 5 months later, a boy and girl, its now 16 years later and the twins are grown up, scarlett also has a massive secret that she is keeping from her mom and dad. and even her brother, well until he finds her and 'him' kissing. WHO IS THIS MISTERIOUS PERSON THAT SCARLETT IS KISSING AND WHAT IS THE SECRET?, READ TO FIND OUT IN, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!


4. 3 months later

Scar's p.o.v.

 so its  been 3 months since harry's house party, and im back at school too, our school is getting 3 new teachers too and we have no idea who they are, but there is P.E. Teacher, Maths teacher and History teacher.

i get dressed into my school uniform:


after that i leave my hair out and curl it, when im done i walk downstairs with my bag and grab an apple for breakfast before, looking at what i have today,

1st period: maths

2nd period: science


3rd period : dance

4th period: dance



6th period: P.E

yay how fun the only thing im looking forward to is dance which is 3rd and 4th today.


and hour later im a school and in class with tasha luckly, we chat as we work.


its after recess and im now in dance, well really its 4th period right now, we found out the new maths teachers name its Mr Mathews, and the new history teachers name is Miss tinkler, know one one knows who the P.E. teacher is yet, well some students have had whoever the teacher is but know one that i know have had the teacher.


its the end of luch and i quickly run to my locker grabbing my P.E outfit and catching up to Tasha, Ami and cory my brother, we all walk into the hall and walk straight into the change rooms, as im getting dressed i hear chatter from all the girls in my class that are finishing getting ready.

"he's so hot!"

"omg he's so young!"

"oh my god i cant believe he is teaching at this school!"

i hear girls talking, about the new teacher, i get my stuff and put it in a pile in the change room, before getting my other shoes on and walking to the door, all i know about this new teacher is he's apparently hot, young and people cant believe he is working at the school? what?!

i walk out of the change room and see.................................................................


so here's the next chapter hopr you like it, and please give me some feedback on this book please i want to know how im going with it.


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