Lost Love

A fanfic about the one and only Justin Bieber! But It's a cute and simple love story! :)


1. Searching for love.

*Justin's POV*

 "Mom, could you hurry up? I'm going to be late." I sighed and went to pour myself a bowl of cereal. Mom shrugged

"You know it's a big day for me too? It may be your first concert, but it's my first time watching my baby grow up!" She said while kissing my forehead, which messed my hair up so I flipped it. 

*2 years later.*

"I love you, mom." I said while smiling. 

"Love you too bud. Let's get going inside, this bus is way too small for a women and teenage boy." She chuckled as we walked inside the arena. Scooter greeted us, as well as Allison, Kenny, Alfredo, and Allison's niece. I don't know who she is, but damn is she fine! Allison walked up to me, as well as her niece. "Justin, I want you to meet my precious niece, Maggie."

"Omg, I can't believe I'm meeting Justin Bieber!" She said sarcastically. 

I opened my mouth for words to come out but I stood there, with my mouth open. "Close your mouth, you're going to catch flies." Chuckled Kenny. 

"H-Hi, I-I'm Jus-Justin." I managed to get out. She rolled her eyes and took out her phone. I just stood there, staring at what I thought was absolutely beautiful. Allison then walked over to scooter, so it was just Maggie and I. I then grabbed Maggie's phone out of her hand. 

"What the hell ? What are you doing?" She sounded angry.

"Following myself on twitter." I smirked and went to my profile. 

"Well, I guess I don't have to considering you're already following me." I smirked and Maggie blushed. 

"Awwl, am I making you blush?" I said, examining her beautiful face,  which caused her to blush even more. 

"No, I just umm, I just-" I cut her off

"Yes, yes I was. Don't try to deny it!" I said while lifting her chin up. "You know, I think you kinda have a thing for me. And that's perfectly fine because I have a thing for you." I awkwardly said but in a flirty way. 

"Pshht, why on earth would you think that?" She asked

"Because, it's "My World", ha get it, my albums called "My World." I laughed

"Real cheesy, but I like it." She blushed

"Justin, let's go. You have to be on stage in 5." Kenny picked me up and set me down backstage. 

"Yo Kenny, when you go find my One Less Lonely Girl, I want you to get Maggie. Okay?" I asked

"Anything for the biebs" Kenny joked. I walk on stage. 


*Maggie's  POV*

'Wow, Justin can really sing. He's so cut-' My thought was interrupted by Kenny lifting me on he's shoulder. "What the hell are you doing?" I kind of screamed. 

"You're going to be his One Less Lonely Girl." Kenny explained.

'I have always wanted to be that! I'm so glad that I moved in with Aunt A, now I'll be around Justin 24/7. I love hi-' Once again my thought was interrupted but Justin's dancers, pulling me on stage. I was blushing so hard, I probably looked like a tomato. I had my hand over my mouth, looking at the ground. I felt Justin's hot, sweaty hands grab my waist. I look up to see Justin just staring in my eyes. His golden brown eyes made me feel like I was the only one in the room. He sang so perfectly in the mic. He sat me down in a really cold chair and handed my a bouquet of roses. After the song was done, the lights dimmed and I felt lips on my cheek. I decided to look up and it was Justin. I blushed and we ran off stage. 

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