Hated *Complete*

Catherine Beck is abused and bullied. Her education is all she has left... But when she soon fades away from her education and now has nothing at all. Then become of victim of sexual assault and it gets pinned on her.
This short story is inspired by rape cases that are over looked because the victim was under the influence.


1. Nothing

She feels hated. No... She knows she's hated. She's unloved by all. I look back at her photos and I don't understand, she wasn't ugly... But I guess she was like a Barbie doll which was beyond perfect, which was how you were expected to look I guess.

She had a poor family, no friends, and abusive father... She had nothing to look forward to in her life, but education.

She was what you'd call a bookworm.

But soon... It got to the point that just books weren't enough.

She was informed by her classmates that she was worthless and would never amount to anything.

Her teachers noticed her fading from her education. They informed her she'd never have anything to amount to because she was loosing smarts and that was all she had.

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