Hated *Complete*

Catherine Beck is abused and bullied. Her education is all she has left... But when she soon fades away from her education and now has nothing at all. Then become of victim of sexual assault and it gets pinned on her.
This short story is inspired by rape cases that are over looked because the victim was under the influence.


2. Deadly Date

One day the boy she had been in love with for the longest time... Asked her on a date.

She couldn't believe it she thought her life was coming together for once.

She didn't bother go home she went straight to the address she was given.

She was so excited she felt her heart beating so so fast.

She bites her lip and rings the doorbell.

He opens the door and let's her in.

They had some small talk.

Soon he sat beside her on the couch and offered her wine.

She looked at it wide eyed, she was only 17, she hadn't ever drank her whole life.

"Don't act like you've never drank." He says.

She looks at the glass and back up at him. Oh how she wanted to impress him.

"Of course I've drank." She mumbles.

She takes the glass and drinks it.

He gave her one too many to drank, and later she'll find out they were drugged too, and she was tipsy.

She stands up and starts to walk, she falls over and he catches her.

He realizes that she was out and a grin appears on his face knowing that he could do anything to this girl. But of course... That was his plan all along.

He calls up his friends and three horny men walked in.

Them soon finding out there was a drunk girl there that they could do anything to... They went ahead with it.

She was raped, very violently.

She was shunned for it. It was pinned as her fault for getting drunk.

She was insulted worse than ever. She was called a list of dirty names on top of the names she was currently called.

After her dad beats her for drinking and letting herself get raped for the third time since it happened she got sick of it.

She couldn't take it anymore.

She paces back in forth in her room in anger with herself. She now believes it was her fault that she was raped.

She punches a wall leaving a hole.

She threw herself against the wall and slides down it in tears.

She picks up her brush off the dresser and chucks it against her mirror hanging on the wall... It shatters.

She picks up a piece of the broken glass which was about 4.5 inches.

She looks at it and smiles as an idea fills her mind.

She runs into the bathroom and fills a bathtub.

She makes sure to lock the door.

She grabs her mother's red lipstick and writes a message on the mirror.

She removes her clothing and goes into the bathtub.

She cleans her body hoping that if there's a heaven God will let her in. And she wants to be clean when she faces the face of God. Clean of her sin, including the rape as she believed it was her sin and that she was in the wrong doing.

She closes her eyes tight and takes the glass and runs it down her wrist.

She watches the blood flow, it broke the vain. It started to make the water red.

She dunks her head under the water. And soon, her body lays in the bathtub lifeless.

Many people forget about her suicide like many others...

The message she wrote on the mirror was remembered by few though.

It said, "Do not feel upset by my death, for this is my fault. All of this is my fault. As I was taught, no one did anything wrong but me. I'm so sorry that I let those boys have sex with me and that it troubled lives".

The End

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