Ivory Keys

He took one more step towards me and my hands were touching his chest. I looked down at them in surprise and quickly tried to put them down, but he grabbed my hands in his and kept them on his chest. I looked back up at him and he was just staring at me.

Is he going to...to kiss me? In the rain? How cliche.

I looked at his lips and then to his eyes. The rain was soaking us to the skin and he still hasn't removed his hands from mine.

He sighed and brought his face close to mine. I closed my eyes and felt his forehead touch mine. My eyes opened slowly and I started to pull away. His hands gripped mine tighter and he pulled me closer til our bodies were touching. He released my hands and wrapped his arms around my waist. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He gently put his head into the crook of my neck and sighed again.

"Tami...I...umm...I think..." He pulled away, without removing his hands, and I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him away gently.


5. 5.

Johnny's POV

I don't exactly know what happened...one minute I was saying good-bye to my teacher and the next I'm on the ground with Tami laying on top of me. I can't help but grin. My hand is still on her waist and her hand is on my chest. Her head is buried into my chest as well. I feel her move under my hand and she shyly looks up.
"Well, this is gonna be hard to explain huh?" She said with a smile but I could see she was blushing.
"Just a little bit."
"So how was your day going before you decided to jump me? Or did you just want to make my day worse?” She propped herself up with her free hand so she was leaning over me.
“What happened?” She sighed and started to get up and I didn't hold her down. She stood up and laughed at me, then she held her hand up and I looked at it challengingly.
"Are you sure? You wont be able to pull me up."
She leaned down and smiled,"Challenge accepted"
"O-Kay..." I grasped her hand and she pulled me up easily. I expected her to say something about it but she just picked up her back pack and waited for me.
"Do you mind if I walk you to your car?" She asked looking up at me.
As we walked she told me about Josh. I didn't want her to see how much it bothered me but I was very relieved when she said she didn't like him. I have never been a violent person but I really wanted to do a one-on-one with this Josh guy.
"It's annoying when someone likes you but they don't know when to take the hint. I have told him and told him, that I don't like him. But he keeps coming back for more." She sighed, we were almost to my car.
"Well I understand. Melanie? Do you know Mel? Well she told me she likes me and I don't like her that way. Now things are awkward between us." I looked down at Tami and saw she was processing this. How was she going to react?
I know Tami likes me. She wrote me a note and other people told me. Her friend actually came into the hallway and yelled at me about Tami. She told me that she could see it in my eyes the way I look at Tami and that me and her just need to admit it to ourselves. I went up to Tami after lunch. More like I chased her down and told her I wasn't mad at her. She apologized for liking me but I kept telling her to stop apologizing. But things never became awkward like it did with Mel and me.
"I'm sorry about that...It sucks when someone your close with drops the bomb on you like that. But that shouldn't be awkward. I mean sure I can see how it may be weird but what else is she doing?" We were at my car and she planted herself in front of me.
"She follows me every where. Wants to know what I'm doing when I'm not with her and is clinging to me." I am worn out by her. Everything I do has to be approved through her.
"Well that's different...Maybe if you introduced her to new people maybe she wont cling onto you so much?" Tami started to bite her lip and her eyebrow furrowed.
"OK I will." Tami kinda had a point I was very well known in the art department and have what Tami calls a fan girl group. These girls have told me that they are gonna marry me one day, and do all this stuff for me. When I came into the choir room for choir, I would get a chorus of, "John-NAY!!!", "JOHNNY!!!" and, high pitched "Johnny. Johnny. Johnny" I think that's why I noticed Tami so much. Cause she would casually say, "hi johnny" No screaming. No weird face. No fangirling.
It was a nice change.
But when it came to "hanging out" I only hung out with Mel and Lily. They were my only friends but since I have been hanging out with Tami and her friends at lunch my horizons have expanded. Maybe that's what Mel needed, to expand.
"OK I will...tomorrow"
Her face lit up and my heart fluttered, "Kay. See you tomorrow!" With that she turned and started walking back.
"Bye." I whispered.





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