The Flight Samurai

Brother James stumbles upon a rare time turner, a mysterious object used by a remote few patriarchs in the 17th century. Not knowing what it is he touches it and stares into the depths of its beautiful colors, and suddenly he is falling...


4. The Men in Shadows

"Is he awake?" A nearby voice said.

"I can't tell." A much more cunning voice said.

"Hey! Did you see that? I saw him blink." The cunning voice said.

"You're seeing things."

"Wait! I think I saw it too!"

Brother John stirred and awoke to two large men hovering over him.

"Ahhhh!" Brother John screamed.

         "Hey! Calm down little buddy! Your safe now, the name's Roderick, you can call me Rodge for short, why were you in the forest in the middle of spring with those ridiculous clothes on?" Rodge said.

         Brother James tried to speak but a jumble of mixed words was all that came out.

         "Huh?" Rodge insisted.

         "I...I fell from the sky."

         "You fell from where?" Rodge said

         "Um, where am I?" Brother James asked.

         "Where are you? Why your in the farthest land from Albion! That's where you are!"

         "Uh-Huh, and where might I ask, is Albion?"

         "No time right now, we have to move!"

         "I thought you said we were safe!" Brother James exclaimed.

         "Ever heard of a lie?!" Rodge retorted.

The other man said,

         "They're coming from the east, they'll be here in no less than three hours!"

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