The Flight Samurai

Brother James stumbles upon a rare time turner, a mysterious object used by a remote few patriarchs in the 17th century. Not knowing what it is he touches it and stares into the depths of its beautiful colors, and suddenly he is falling...


3. Longing thoughts

          When Brother John woke up it was still dark outside. He could feel leaves on the forest floor. He realized that he was on a wooden stretcher with moss, leaves, and pine needles covering it.

          His first thought was that this was all a big joke that the brothers had played on him because he was so ungrateful towards the chores he was responsible for.

          He felt for the marble object in his pocket, it was gone! It must have fallen out when he fell fro-wait, where did he fall from?

          This is definitely not a joke, the brothers would never do anything like this to him and even if they did, how would they be able to pull this off? Well anything is possible with God he thought with a deep sigh.

          He longed for home, he missed the nice warm lights of the monastery, but his thoughts were interrupted by the snap of a twig on the damp forest floor... 

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