The Flight Samurai

Brother James stumbles upon a rare time turner, a mysterious object used by a remote few patriarchs in the 17th century. Not knowing what it is he touches it and stares into the depths of its beautiful colors, and suddenly he is falling...


1. A Time Turner?

           Chores, Chores and more chores, Brother John thought as he scrubbed the floor of the abbey tower for all that it was worth. Why was it always me that always gets stuck with the worst jobs. He felt blood rush to his head and he was suddenly filled with anger. He started flailing his arms around and hit his water bucket, it tumbled over and hit the ground with a loud CLANK as dirty water sloshed around everywhere. "Great, just my luck!" he mumbled to himself.

          "Hey, what's going up there!?" came the Abbott's voice.

          "The bucket tipped over!" John said releasing all his rage on the poor abbot, but then he heard footsteps approaching. He scrambled to pick up the bucket and get back to work scrubbing the floor. He didn't notice when the footsteps stopped and a small glass ball rolled slowly toward him, when it hit his knee he looked up and saw this peculiar object. It looked like a glass marble, only slightly smaller, but it was beautiful. Strange not quite earthly colors dotted and splashed up and down the marble, and as he gazed into the depths of this tiny marble, he realized he never should have set eyes upon the ball.

          Before he could call for help, Brother John had disappeared from 1814!






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