Poetry For Thee

This is a book full of poetry written for Movella users...

I love poetry writing, and wish to write poetry for anyone who wants it...

The poetry can be aboyt anything, you, love, pets, that perfect day out, holiday, something tou wanna do, anything!

If your interest please read 'information'... Enjoy!


2. I <3 Annabeth-Shadownight: CATS

Cats are loud, they love to meow.

When there fighting, it's quite a row!

They like to chase, the tiny mouse.

All around, your great big house.


Scratch their ear, will make then snear.

Rub their head, they fall asleep in youe bed.

They enjoy a strokes and cuddles, running around avoiding dirty puddles.

They realy hate to have a bath, looking at their mad faces just makes me laugh.


Tickle their belly, they melt like jelly.

But tickle for too long, thinga start to go wrong.

You will get bitten and clawed, even though you are much adored.

They will probably do it just because their bored, roaming the house like there some sort of a lord.


Cats are fluffy, fur so soft.

Once again the cat has snuck up in the loft.

Hiding in the shadows, not making a sound.

They begin to purr, they have been found.


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