Remembering Me

My journal.
Only he can keep.


1. One


I woke up really early this morning. Reason? Unknown. Anyway I went down stairs to get some Oreos. Don't even ask ok, I have a strange addiction with them. I'm not alone though. My best friend Harry used to come over and we would pig out all day. But that's all gone now right? I mean, since he left for X Factor I've been nothing but lonely. My brother is away at sea and he was all I had. Not anymore. But enough about this, you must get to know me.


My name is Victoria Chase and I am 19 years old.

I have the typical blonde hair and blue eyes.

I play soccer, volleyball, I swim and sing.

I have a different past I guess you can say. My dad left my mom after high school, leaving her to be pregnant with my older brother Drew. When she had him she found another guy. She should be happy right? Yeah. They were together for 5 years until she got pregnant with me, then he just packed up, said good luck and left. When my mom gave birth to me, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She's still alive thankfully, but I'm sure she won't be here much longer. My family can't pay the hospital bills much longer so I am doing what I have to. Today, I am auditioning for X Factor. The show that took away my best friend. But it's for my mom.


I am currently driving down to where the auditions are held. I'm surprised there's no traffic. I had to leave so early this morning I probably look like a zombie. I look to my side to watch the sun rise while I stop at a red light. It's so beautiful, all the orange and reds, the yellow and slight pink mixing in. I was daydreaming so much about a sunset that I almost missed the green light.

Thank god for impatient drivers. When I arrive there is a huge line up. I mean like it could probably go around the entire O2 Arena and back. I park my small Carola and make my way over to the gigantic line. Yup, gonna be here for a while. I plug in my ear buds and play some music hoping it will pass the time.

A couple hours later, more like 5, it is my turn to go up. After the person right now though. I keep singing the lyrics to Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande in my head. Making sure I don't forget it. I was in the middle of practicing when the guy, I think his name was Ty, said it was my turn.

I walked up the stairs and grabbed the mic. Well it's now or never I think to my self as I walk on stage. My black Adidas squeaking a little as I walk.

I am now in front of maybe a couple thousand people. On of those people being Simon Cowel, another Louis Walsh. I think that's Katy Pery. Yup it is. And Harry?

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