Catching Feelings

Hi I'm Bella, I was just a normal girl until one day my best friend Jennifer and I went to a club and met the Justin Bieber "Hey hottie, what's up?" he asked. "Fuck off freak, I've gotta boyfriend" little did I know that was the Justin Bieber. But what do I do when he dates my best friend and i develop strong feelings for him? I try and make the feelings mutual, without Jen noticing, then one day she goes out to visit family in Florida and I do something I'll either regret for the rest of my life or enjoy to much. Read to find out!


3. Why?!?

      Me and Mystery Guy were having a fabulous time getting to know each other, turns out his name is Justin, and yes the Justin Bieber! His parents are divorced, he has two half siblings, Jazzy and Jackson also he is with his dad, Jeremy at the moment so he will start going to Franklin High on Monday. We talked about my life to, like how I am adopted but visit my real family over the summer in London. Also my foster family, they usually aren't home but they are rich, caring and I just love them, not to mention my older sister MaKayla and one year older brother, who is indeed the one and only Chaz. All of it was interrupted when some random guy yelled out "You go man!" I quickly noticed someone moan and be carried to one of 'The Rooms' where people 'hook up'. I noticed it was Samantha, the school slut, and... My boyfriend?!?! No it can't be! I quickly stormed away from Justin and went to open the door of the room they just entered. What I am about to see will be life changing...



Cliff Hanger!!!! Thanks to everyone who's giving this book a try! I would really appreciate some Comments, Likes and Favorites, that would be amazing! Luv you guys (In a friendly way, lol) 

Luv My Boos!

~Live Life to It's Fullest!

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