Catching Feelings

Hi I'm Bella, I was just a normal girl until one day my best friend Jennifer and I went to a club and met the Justin Bieber "Hey hottie, what's up?" he asked. "Fuck off freak, I've gotta boyfriend" little did I know that was the Justin Bieber. But what do I do when he dates my best friend and i develop strong feelings for him? I try and make the feelings mutual, without Jen noticing, then one day she goes out to visit family in Florida and I do something I'll either regret for the rest of my life or enjoy to much. Read to find out!


7. My plan...

Brad just asked me out! I mean I just met him, but aren't dates for getting to know people? Plus it's not like were going to last, i'll use him to make Justin jealous! It's perfect!

Brad~ "So, will you go out with me tonight?"

Bella~ "I would love to!"

Brad~ "Great! I'll come get you around 6:30?"

Bella~ "Sounds perfect! I live on 54 newsburry road. My number is 908-243-6720"

Brad~ "Till then" He winked at me then began to walk away. Suddenly he turned around.

Brad~ "Wanna ride home, it's no problem."

Bella~ "Oh my gosh I forgot I walked here that would be amazing if you could!" 

We drove off and talked, it was nice.

               Justin POV

I ran after Bella but had no success in finding her so I just went to the park. I was going to the swings when I caught sight of Bella... With another guy. I overheard her making plans for a date with him. Suddenly rage took over me, why was i so mad? Did I really like her? I quickly ran to my car and zoomed home. Bella would be mine one way or another, I just had to get Jen to break up with me and then I would go for Bella. 

                Bella POV

We pulled up to my house, I got out of the car and began to walk inside once Brad left. I went to Jen's room so we could go hang out, but of course right when I walked in Justin was there.

Bella~ "Sorry! Did I interrupt something?" Jen looked at Justin then back at me.

Jen~ "Umm... No nothing at all" she said while giving me an annoyed look, telling me I did interrupt and I should leave so they could finish.

Justin~ "Anyway I should probably go... I'll see you tonight Jen... Wear something pretty" He quickly winked and left.

Bella~ "Wow! What were you two up to?!?"

Jen~ "...Nothing..." She was definitely doing something and I was going to make her tell me one way or another...

                Jen POV

I worried Justin didn't like me any more until he quickly stormed into the house and began to kiss me a lot. First he slowly kissed up my neck leaving a little hickey in some places. A little moan escaped my lips once he hit my sweet spot.

Justin~ "Let's take this upstairs" He slowly whispered in my ear.

Jen~ "Okay..." I didn't mind I mean I've done it before and he is my boyfriend so it doesn't really matter. He quickly picked me up and brought up to my room then laid me on the bed, until we were interrupted by Bella so we quickly sat up. I was pissed! This was the second time we were interrupted, but me and Justin were going out tonight anyway. Once Justin left she looked at my hickey.

Bella~ "Wow! What were you two up to?!?" Shit! I began to think of something but nothing came to my mind, so I just told her nothing... Although I do hope Justin and I finish things tonight. 

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