Catching Feelings

Hi I'm Bella, I was just a normal girl until one day my best friend Jennifer and I went to a club and met the Justin Bieber "Hey hottie, what's up?" he asked. "Fuck off freak, I've gotta boyfriend" little did I know that was the Justin Bieber. But what do I do when he dates my best friend and i develop strong feelings for him? I try and make the feelings mutual, without Jen noticing, then one day she goes out to visit family in Florida and I do something I'll either regret for the rest of my life or enjoy to much. Read to find out!


5. Heart Broken </3 (Rated R)

                                      Sexuality... You've been warned!



 On the other side of the door I heard moans and Samantha say 'Faster!' which wasn't a good sign. I quickly burst the door open to see Samantha hopping up and down on my boyfriends 'Jerry' while he was sucking her upper regions. They both snapped their heads in my direction. "Fuck you! All of you! Were through! Now your free to fuck anyone but I see you already do!" I screamed. Ryan was already chasing after me but Justin noticed me crying and Ryan half naked so he took my side. "What the fuck bro!?! That's not right!" By that time I was out the door and calling for a Taxi. When I get home I'm taking a shower and going to bed.

                                                                               Justin's POV

All I know is Bella stormed off then came back crying while Ryan chased after her half naked. I don't know if he got her pregnant or cheated, either way it's not good. I took her side. "What the fuck bro!?! That's not right!" I yelled at him, highly furious. I went to find her but she just hopped into a cab. I found her friend Jen by the bar, so we hung out, turns out we have a lot in common, I think I really like her, even though we just met I think I'm gonna ask her out on a date.


                                                                                 Jen's POV

"Of course I would!" I replied. I was so glad Justin asked me out, we're so alike I love hanging out with him. He's cute, handsome, funny, and famous! My dream guy. Although I wonder how Bella is doing?


                                                                             Bella's POV

I snuggled down in bed watching love movies such as The Notebook and The Lucky One. I was heartbroken, depressed, lonely and completely unhappy with my life. I began to perk up when i realized I now had chances with Justin, he's everything I see in a guy and he cares for me. He just met me and he defended me tonight. 'I Love Justin' I repeated in my head over and over again. "I will do whatever it takes to become his girl" I whispered "No matter what."

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