Catching Feelings

Hi I'm Bella, I was just a normal girl until one day my best friend Jennifer and I went to a club and met the Justin Bieber "Hey hottie, what's up?" he asked. "Fuck off freak, I've gotta boyfriend" little did I know that was the Justin Bieber. But what do I do when he dates my best friend and i develop strong feelings for him? I try and make the feelings mutual, without Jen noticing, then one day she goes out to visit family in Florida and I do something I'll either regret for the rest of my life or enjoy to much. Read to find out!


6. Do What I Must

       I woke up and guessed Jen would be home by now. I was upset and tired but I couldn't give up on Justin, I think he likes me back. Ryan called all night but I'm over him anyway. "No don't you dare!" Jen yelled. "Oh, but I will!" A male voice said, sounded like Justin. Wait a second Justin? Justin! I quickly got into my white shorts and black tank top since it was nice outside, than threw my hair up in a neat high pony tail. I heard lot's of laughing and Justin telling her to be quiet so I wouldn't be awaken, which I already was. When I came into the living room I saw Justin on top of Jen,tickling her. Right when I came in they turned their heads toward me. "Sorry..." I quickly said. I then put on my black boots and ran out the door.


                                    Justin POV

I began to tickle Jen until Bella walked in. "Sorry." she said, she sounded really upset. Then again her boyfriend cheated on her. She looked really hot in her short shorts and tight tank top. I quickly got off of Jen. "That was awkward!" She said. "I'll be back later, okay?" I asked. "Uh sure?" she replied a little confused. I quickly ran out to apologize to Bella, I didn't mean to wake her up or make her upset. Plus I don't want to ruin our friendship, I really like her.


                                Bella's POV

     I had ran to the local park around the corner and sat on a swing. "Hey" A man said, but it wasn't Justin. This man had brown,short hair, big muscles which were totally see able because he was wearing a t-shirt, his eyes were a beautiful shade of blue and he was a little taller than me, he was hot! "I'm Brandon, but you can call me Brad" he said as he took the swing next to me. "I'm Bella" I told him.

Brad- "And why were you crying, Bella?"

Bella- "My life is screwed up."

Brad- "I know this is soon but, will you go on a date with me?"




















































































































































































































































































































































































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