Catching Feelings

Hi I'm Bella, I was just a normal girl until one day my best friend Jennifer and I went to a club and met the Justin Bieber "Hey hottie, what's up?" he asked. "Fuck off freak, I've gotta boyfriend" little did I know that was the Justin Bieber. But what do I do when he dates my best friend and i develop strong feelings for him? I try and make the feelings mutual, without Jen noticing, then one day she goes out to visit family in Florida and I do something I'll either regret for the rest of my life or enjoy to much. Read to find out!


1. Clubbing Time

Jen- "Hurry up Bella! I want to be alive by the time we leave!"

Bella- "God, i'll be down in a second!"


                I quickly slid on my sexy sleeveless, short, red dress on. I wasn't planning on getting wasted or meeting anyone but just simply having fun with my best friend Jen. I'm Bella I have brown, long, strait hair, which I curl on special occasions like tonight. My eyes are a aqua blue and I have perfect  curves with a skinny, tan body. As usual i was the perfect girl in school... a popular. I love it! But i have a bitchy football boyfriend who doesn't care about me, just what i can offer him such as pleasuring him, which i don't normally do. 

Jen- "Hurry the fuck up!"

Bella- "Coming!"


       Jen has blonde hair and green eyes, she was just like me except our hair eyes a facial features, but our bodies were the same, skinny, and perfect. I grabbed my purse and strutted out the door. I can't wait to see what happens tonight... 






So I'm a new author so give me some feed back! I know it sucks but oh boy this next chapter will be

  exciting I promise! Lot's will go down ;) Thanks for giving it a shot, I'm new to this but i like drama!           



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