The impossible love.

When Addison, and her friends go to a One Direction concert, will they find love, that's impossible?


1. The Surprise.

Addison P.O.V.

I had just gotten home from school and was watching tv when my parents walked in and turned off the tv. I started freaking out because I didn't think I would have done anything to get in trouble. But lemme tell you about myself. I'm an average human girl. I'm 16 and happy and free and of course love One Direction! I have tons of friends, but only a few who love One Direction. Like Olivia! She loves One Direction! But anyways back to the point.

Well my parents had turned off the tv and I was sitting on the couch. They said we needed to have a"talk." My mom and dad then said "WE GOT YOU 5 ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!" I was SO happy, and thanked them, after I freaked out and felt thankful. I had to run to my job at Starbucks because I felt like I needed just to bring some extra money for the concert. After I finished up my work, I called Olivia and asked for her to come over. She said sure. I am gonna tell her about my tickets. When I finally got home, I just put on some sweats. Olivia finally got there. It was the moment I tell her.

"WHAT YAYYYYYYY!!!! YOU GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS?" Asked Olivia? It was an interesting reaction. So with that being that, Olivia spent the night, and we stayed up all night listening to One Direction.

A/N- I'm sorry this chapter is terrible...

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