The impossible love.

When Addison, and her friends go to a One Direction concert, will they find love, that's impossible?


3. getting ready. *filler chapter*

Addison's POV

today we are getting ready to pack to head to our flight to St. Louis. We get to fly all the way from California, to St. Louis! But anyways i am getting packed. I pack a ton of shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. I definitely couldn't forget about my tennis shoes! Our flight leaves tomorrow at 5:30 am... It's really early. But then call Olvia.

Olivia's POV.

*ringggg ringggg* "HEYYY OLIVIA!" My friends happy voice booms on the phone. "hey Addison!" "OUR FLIGHT IS TOMORROW AT 5:30 SHARP SO BE THERE READY AT 5!" "You shouldn't be worried about me. Tell Kassidy! You know she likes to sleep." "Ya I do!" "Bye" "bye" I'm so lucky that I have great friends like that!

Kassidy's POV

*phone rings* "hello?" "HEY GIRL" said Addison. The loud one. "Hey don't be late to the flight tomorrow! You have to be there at 5:00 am!" "Ok I will!!" And then I hang up. I then set my alarm for 3:30 am cuz I won't be up for a while otherwise...

Katie's POV

*is texting Addison* "HEYYY Katie" "hi" "don't forget to be at the airport by 5:00 am!!!!" "Ik I will b" and then she had to go to bed. Because she was tired. All well I might as go to bed too. After playing some games on my phone...

Peyton's POV.

*talking to Addison at store* "hi" "hey" "be at the airport by 5:00 am" "ok" "I've gotta go buy some food like candy and pancakes! And other useless food!" "I've gotta buy lettuce" "fun. And I get to buy.... CARROTS!!!"

Addison's POV.

Well I went home and to bed and was in dreamland until my alarm woke me up.... I got up and was at the airport 15 minutes early So I just waited and played flappy birds. Then they all show up and we board the plane. WHAT A LOVELY 5-7 HOUR PLANE TRIP!!!!!!!

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