The impossible love.

When Addison, and her friends go to a One Direction concert, will they find love, that's impossible?


2. asking someone.

Addison's POV

Well today I am getting ready to go to school. I put on my leggings and my jags sweatshirt and put on tennis shoes and sprint out the door. I eat my favorite breakfast, PANCAKES!!!!!! But I rush to eat because I need to get to school. I hop into my car and cruise off.

Once I got to school, I ran to my locker. I love going to my locker because I'm next to my friends! We got really lucky. But I sprint to first hour. I don't wanna be late! I mean I love PE! I have it will Olivia! Well today were just jogging around the track. So of course Olivia and I are the first ones outside jogging aside from a couple guys. Well we start running, with Katie and Kassidy right behind us. They catch up and we start talking.

I then mention the One Direction Concert tickets and they freak! I'm really happy about that! I invite Katie and Kassidy too! Kassidy tells me that her favorite, is Harry Styles, which doesn't surprise me. Katie says her favorite is Liam Payne. Then Olivia says her favorite is Niall Horan. Mine is Louis Tomlinson. He's just my favorite! After PE is over we all run to second hour.

My second hour is social studies. Yay. Not. This is the only class I don't have friends in. But I suck it up and talk to my semi-friend Peyton Quinn. She's really pretty and fairly tall, and a guys dream girl. So she's fairly popular. It was not a productive class. Other from the fact that before the class started Peyton and I kind of Pulled a prank and waited until the teacher walked in. This teacher doesn't particularly like me. But whatever. Well we put a lot of goo above the door then it fell on Mr. Mack. He's got no hair, implying he's bald and kinda on the chubbier side. Then I go to 3-5 hour, with nothing to do. Then I head to lunch. I finally chose, meaning the last person to go to the concert. I walked up to Peyton because I know she loves Zayn Malik. It's actually works out well. So we all go to 6-8 hours and meet at my house right after school.

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