The beach house

Kathryn is struggling her life is awful. She has a witch for a stepmother a drunkard for a dad and a dead mother. But when she runs away it's the adventures in the beach house that make her smile.


1. Darkness

My life was a mess. My mother was in hospice my father was always drunk and my step mother beat me constantly for the fun of it. When my mom died it surprised no one, but still brought tears to my eyes. No one would give me a ride and my step mother " hagatha" wouldn't let me get my license. So I walked to the service in the rain.

The service and burial were a blur like I was in reverse and the world was in fast forward. When I got home I was shivering, " off sucking dicks little slut?" Hagatha stepped in front of me blocking me from a warm bed. For some reason her little insult set me off and, after throwing off my heels I ran. Through streets, yards, and feet of underbrush I found myself on the beach at near darkness, in pouring rain.

In an effort to keep warm and dry I walked along the beach long past sundown. Dark pieces of coral speckled the sand and it wasn't long before one found my foot, easily piercing through the warn, blistered flesh I let out a howl and fell to the ground ripping the oceanic dagger from my skin I howled again. My dress was tattered as ruined anyway so I found a piece of coral and cut off part of my dress as a bandage, cutting my hand in the process. " yea it came from out near the waves." A sleepy Irish accent found it's way through the rain and crashing waves. "Look out by the waves like you said Niall!" A British accent called out and was followed by the sound of feet pounding down steps ands into the sand. "Grab a blanket and towel she might be hurt!" The voice was closer now but I still wouldn't turn. What did I care? " it's raining out." The boy stated the obvious as I heard the pop of an umbrella opening and the competing patter of a roof over my head keeping the cold showers out. " yea I know." I said shivering and placing my head on my knees. Pop! The umbrella closed and rain once again poured on me chilling me even deeper. Seconds later I felt myself swooped up and into tired arms, strong by day but exhausted by night. "Wait what are you doing? Put me down!" I protested turning to look him in the eyes. " the way I see it," he shifted me uncomfortably and continued trudging up the sand. " let me walk, I won't run but your tired you could hurt yourself." He nodded and put me down, I carefully kept weight off my left foot and looked at him, dark chocolate brown curls, sea

Green eyes and a troublemaker smile, I blushed he had been carrying me! " the way I see it l, it's chilly, rainy, your in a ruined sopping dress on the beach at one in the morning." I nodded this was all true. " I'll take you in until morning and give you clothes and food plus shelter from this storm." As if in agreement the clouds overhead bubbled with thunder " now let's head in before lightning makes a Harry and, what's your name again?" Dazed I look into his eyes and blush, "Kathryn" he smiles " a pretty name for a pretty girl." Now I'm happy for the rain and the dark or else I would look like a tomato. I take one step on my left foot and realize that this isn't going to work, the coral must have done some bad internal damage because the step is followed with bright red light. The next thing I know I'm falling towards the sand, " Kathryn! Kathryn!" Harry calls out at me but soon the light fades and I'm in a pool of darkness.

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