The Man of My Dreams

Alayis is a student at Rosemund Highschool in London, England. There she falls in love with a very handsome young teacher named Marcus O'Quinn a.k.a. Mr. O'Quinn. The problem is does he feel the same?


1. The Morning Before


   Alayis's P.O.V.

"Alayis, come on wake up and come down stairs. Come on you got school today." My mum said shaking me in my bed. "Alright, alright. Im up." I groaned . I got out of bed when she was out of the room, and went over to my closet. Opening the door, I started pulling out my clothes to find the perfect outfit for me to wear. Eventually, I found my baby blue skinny-jeans and my white t-shirt that had my name written across the breast in graffiti letters. I went into the bathroom and plugged up my hair straightener, and went back into my bedroom to get dresses. When i had finished putting my clothes on I went to check my straightener; it was fully heated. As I started straightening my hair, my phone went off. It played Bruno Mars' song Count on Me Signaling that my best friend Starla texted me. Alayis we have all the hot teachers this year!! - Star. I laughed and started texting back: Star, are you at school already?- Allie. As I waited for her to text back, I finished my hair. I was about to start on my make up when my phone went off again, but instead of Count on Me, the song that played was When I Was Your Man, the song of my ex-boyfriend, Jamie. He was calling me. I sighed and picked up, "Hello?" I said "Hey Alayis! You ready for the first day of school?" He yelled at the other end of the phone. "Yea," I said, " I was doing my make-up when you called." "Oh sorry, I'll Let you go. Okay well see you at school, bye." "Bye." I put on my eyeliner, thick but thin at the same time, and put on light blue eye shadow, and my strawberry lip gloss and headed down the stairs to find my shoes.

A.N. This is Starla a.k.a Star.

And this is Jamie. <3

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