The Man of My Dreams

Alayis is a student at Rosemund Highschool in London, England. There she falls in love with a very handsome young teacher named Marcus O'Quinn a.k.a. Mr. O'Quinn. The problem is does he feel the same?


2. School vs. Ex's: Which is worse?

Alayis's P.O.V.

When I got to school, I went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. "Hey Alayis!" Star called out across the cafeteria. "Hey Girly how ya doing?" I asked when she ran up and hugged me. "Omg we have the cutest teachers this year!" she said excited. "Okay well I'll be the judge of that.." I said making her laugh, when an announcement came on saying that all students need to get to class because the late the late bell was to ring in two minuets. "Well I guess I'm missing breakfast..." I sighed. "Yea we better get to class." said Star. As we started walking to class, we ran into Jamie. "Oh hey Alayis, hey Starla!" "Hey Jamie..." I sighed. "Aw come on don't look at me like that... don't worry I moved on..." And then he walked away. "Okay," I said, "Which is worse, school or ex's?" She laughed at that and we just walked to first period. 

Okay so for first period me and Starla had Ms. Dotson for English. She was pretty cool for a 26 year old woman. She was gorgeous too. When the bell rang that signaled end of class, Ms. Dotson sang out in her amazing voice, "Don't forget about your homework!" "Yes ma'am." Me and star said at the same time. We couldn't help ourselves we ended up laughing all the way to second period. "Ah, excuse me... ladies... what seems so funny?" We heard a handsome voice call as we took our seats and quit laughing. I looked up and nearly died of awe. "Oh sorry Mr. O'Quinn, we accidentally said the same thing at the same time and we are both easily amused." Star said when I hadn't said anything. "Okay and uh miss Shay, you might want to close your mouth before you catch a fly..." I snapped my mouth closed and asked, "Um, how old are you?" "I'm twenty... why?" "You just look about 17 or 18..." I said. And Star snorted making me laugh. "Miss Shay! Calm yourself, please!" Mr. O'Quinn said loudly.

A.N. This is Marcus a.k.a. Mr. O'Quinn

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