the gang is back together! (harry,ron,ginny,and hermione)

Harry Ron and Hermione save Ginny before she dies and apperate to the forest but there is a problem. Some how they are sepparated and ron and hermione are together but they cant find Harry and Ginny. will they find them? will Harry and/or ginny die please read to find out.switches p.o.v's


1. Where am I? (Hermione)

I open my eyes. How long have I been out? Where is Ron where am I? i get up and look around my wand is on the ground by a boulder i walk over and pick it up then i here someone call my name i call back,"Ron is that you",then i hit my head on my palm that could have been a snatcher that forced ron to tell them who he is with. But they don't usually do that do they? "RON",i scream at the top of my lungs. angered and scared by the thought of being in the woods alone and not sleeping with him by my side. the warmth of his body by mine is extremly satifying i miss that clumsey little man. i start crying and then someone pops out from behind the boulder, if i hadn't seen it was Ron i probably would have killed him of course i gave it a sec to register after all i am in serious love with him. RON i scream with excitment only i can explain.Don't do that to me ronald! i say as i start makeing out with him hapilly. surprised by my afection he pulls me off and then asks if im ok. yes im fine ron how about you. im ok he wispers in that deep sexy voice of his once he is done we start making out again and we do this for about 20 more minutes only taking breaks to breathe. then we start heading off to find Harry and Ginny.

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