the gang is back together! (harry,ron,ginny,and hermione)

Harry Ron and Hermione save Ginny before she dies and apperate to the forest but there is a problem. Some how they are sepparated and ron and hermione are together but they cant find Harry and Ginny. will they find them? will Harry and/or ginny die please read to find out.switches p.o.v's


2. What is going on? (Ginny)

"Ginny" i here someone call my name i can't get up. i manage to wake myself up and i look around what on earth is going on the snow is red. my hand moves up to my throbbing head i feel it. the warm sticky liquid i pull my hand down and look at it it is covered in blood. i lay back down in the freezing snow. then i call harry's name i have just anough concencnes to see a blurred figure bend down and examine my head then kiss me and everything goes black.i wake up maybe 3, 4, 5 hours later .i find Harry trying to wake me up. harry im up now i say and then he looks overjoyed that i am up so happy that he pushes me down again and starts making out with me. after i pull him off and i can stand we head to find hermione and ron then i ask Harry why my head was bleeding he said it got splinched during the apperation.

A/N:i do NOT own Harry potter at all

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