the gang is back together! (harry,ron,ginny,and hermione)

Harry Ron and Hermione save Ginny before she dies and apperate to the forest but there is a problem. Some how they are sepparated and ron and hermione are together but they cant find Harry and Ginny. will they find them? will Harry and/or ginny die please read to find out.switches p.o.v's


3. the three broomsticks (Hermione)

we keep walking until we get to Hogsmeade. Ron wants to keep looking after all his sister is out there somewhere but i tell him,"ron, it is getting late and we need to rest so that we can look more tomorrow." he finally surrenders and we go into the three broomsticks standing behind the counter is Rosmilda like usual. we go up to her and she says,"what can i get ya'll today ," i answer and say," one bedroom please with two butterbeers and hot meals for two."," ok ," "follow me please", we do and after she goes downstairs i change and slip into bed next to Ron and fall into a deep sleep with ron holding me tight to him and his hands on my breasts  its good to have him next to me again. the next day i wake up with a start and turn around to wake Ron up with a good snogin then he is gone!

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