the gang is back together! (harry,ron,ginny,and hermione)

Harry Ron and Hermione save Ginny before she dies and apperate to the forest but there is a problem. Some how they are sepparated and ron and hermione are together but they cant find Harry and Ginny. will they find them? will Harry and/or ginny die please read to find out.switches p.o.v's


4. Do i really love her? (Ron)

as I lay there Hermione curled up in my arms. she is shivering. i want to keep her warm but i know i can't anymore i need to go and find ginny i love her. she is my sister.i need to take care of her and i failed if mum knew i'd get a howler a day. THAT would attract attenion.i can't have that going for me. And I espsecially can't let Hermione get caught either. I am torn between my sister and Hermione. But, I make up my mind. i get up and change then go outside to find my little sister. I look around and  see this young girl  about Ginny's age fighting her way out of a deatheater's hands. I run over to help her and get thrown backwards by an invisible force. standing there over me is Bellatrix slowly approaching the girl. "Nicoletta", she cackles," i haven't seen you since you were little and the dark lord lost his power trying to kill your brother. oh, what was his name again. ahh, that's right  the little bitty baby who vanquished the dark lord Harry Potter. Well, Draco will take care of him . you will never see your big brother again you little brat." and then  she told him to take her away.

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