You forgot

Sophia and Harry were dating for 3 years. she was best friends with Louis. but Harry and Louis left for the X-Factor.3 years later Sophia goes to a One Direction concert will harry and Louis remember her read to find out

BTW this is my first Book so please no hate


2. No!

Sophias POV

                    all of a sudden louis yells "i like to introduce someone to y'all" im confused and so are the rest of the boys. then i see paul taking me on the stage. " sophia everybody" i stand there frozen.

Harry's POV

        that girl looks hot she has to be mine.

Louis' POV

    i have to say it i have to tell her how i feel." everybody i have to say something" i look straight at her. "i am in love with Sophia" i kiss her passiontaly

Sophias POv.

      He kissed me. i was so shocked. i then hear Harry say" wait Sophia?" thats when everything went black.


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