You forgot

Sophia and Harry were dating for 3 years. she was best friends with Louis. but Harry and Louis left for the X-Factor.3 years later Sophia goes to a One Direction concert will harry and Louis remember her read to find out

BTW this is my first Book so please no hate


4. hospital

Harry's POV

          "wait sophia?" i said. then she got hit in the head with a rock thrown by some girl. i see louis picking her up and telling Paul to call an ambulance." we are so sorry you guys"niall says. i then ran out of there and followed the ambulance.

Louis POV

       oh my god im so scared what happened to her."is she going to be ok"i asked one of the nurses in the ambulance."i assure you she is going to be fine"

             15 minutes later

Sophias POV

       i woke up in a strange place. i then realise im in a hospital. wait is that louis." Sophia your awake" "louis is that you"i asked shocked. "yes it is, im so happy your awake" "what happened" i asked. " after i told you i loved you and kissed you, you fainted" What he kissed me!"oh" all of a sudden he kissed me. it was rough at first but i kissed back."what the hell". wait i know that voice."Jack is that you?" "oh my god sophia why" im dead. "who's this" louis asked. "im her boyfriend". he then punched louis. they keep on fighting. "STOP" i screamed as loud as i can. they both stop. "Jack he kissed me and im sorry but it didnt mean anything" i lied. "louis thank you for saving me but im dating someone im sorry" i said to louis. "its fine." we both hug. he then slips a peice of paper in my pance pocket. he left after that." come on i signed you out lets go" said Jack. as we got in the car i looked at the paper louis slipped in my pants pocket. it was his number.

Harry's POV

      i stood there shocked she has a boyfriend. But i still love her.

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