You forgot

Sophia and Harry were dating for 3 years. she was best friends with Louis. but Harry and Louis left for the X-Factor.3 years later Sophia goes to a One Direction concert will harry and Louis remember her read to find out

BTW this is my first Book so please no hate


1. Concert

Sophia's POV

             "jack stop" i said while jack is tickling me, Jacks my boyfriend we've been dating for a year now."never" he said. " ill make you cupcakes" " what flavor" "chocolate" "fine" he gives me a kiss and gets off. "so Sophia i have a surprise for you" he said. " what is it babe" you are going to a one direction concert" "what" i screamed. if i go to a one direction concert he'll see me. this cant be happening. " i know how much you love them your allways talking about harry and how cute he is". "well thanks " i said sarcasticlly " your going in two hours" "yay" i said kinda low


Two hours later

i got to the arena and i have front row seats. i love Jack so much. i get my seat and one direction comes out.they start of with what makes you beautiful. then louis looks down at me and has a shocked expression on his face.

Louis POV

              Sophia! what is she doing here. i have got to get her on the stage. oh yeah did i mention this i have a crush on her

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