The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


13. The party part 2

"Err... Hi again Caspar, heehee... We decided to play truth or dare instead." Exclaimed Marcus.

"Sure." Caspar hiccupped, and Megan kept quiet, drinking some wine.

"Oook, birthday boy first, that's Sam, dare meeee Sam!!" Joe shouted.

"Yea-" Same burped, "yeah ok, Joe... I dare you toooo... Let me wedgie you!"

"Oh, god..." Joe slowly shuffled into place as Sam stood up, off his chair. Sam gave him a wedgie so hard, that everyone covered their ears from Joe's scream. 5 seconds after, Joe was really in pain, he un-wedgied his underpants and sat down awkwardly, his face a bright red.

Dan chose Zoella's truth, "what's your favourite thing to lick?"

Zoella waited... And thought carefully, "umm... What kind of question is that anyway?" Normally, the un-drunk Zoella, would have probably said a lollypop but this wasn't the normal Zoe, it was very drunk Zoe, so her obvious answer was... "Alfie's dick." Then she winked at him, and they kissed for a bit, but it wasn't a lame quick kiss, it was a super sexy kiss.

Alfie finally spoke, to say, "Truth or dare?"

Megan answered dare. "Ok, Megan, I dare you to get in the bedroom for a proper sexy, 7 minutes in heaven with Charl- ... Caspar!"

Caspar, was slowly falling asleep, and didn't hear anything, but Megan woke him up and they walked to Sam's guest room. They couldn't hear anything from downstairs now, and they shut the door.

"Ok, Sam, I dare you to video, their 7 minutes." Everyone laughed at Maz's dare to Sam. "And keep quiet or they'll find you." He winked.

Straight away Sam was cured of his boredom, he quickly grabbed his phone, fully charged, and tiptoed upstairs, he switched the phone on and the camera when it was in perfect view of the bed, peeking from the small hole in the door.

Sam was just in time and caught Megan undressing with Caspar, first her top came off and Caspar failed the throw so her top ended up getting really mucky when it landed in the bin. Then her bra came off, and Caspar kissed her mouth then boobs, then he removed her trousers and knickers, Caspar fingered Megan for few seconds whilst she moaned, "uh... oh... uh Caspar... Please... This is my first time..."

"Same" he grinned, "am I doing well?"

They both smiled and Megan replied, "brilliantly." So Caspar continued to finger and lick Megan. Then when they were ready, Megan undressed Caspar, she felt his abs, so sexy, then removed his boxers.

She looked at his penis, as if thinking, do people normally do this then? Caspar nodded like he could read her mind, so being brave Megan held the dick, put it in her mouth and sucked on it while Caspar kept licking her.

Caspar pulled Megan onto the bed and she stopped sucking, they both fingered each other and kissed each other, their tongues both exploring, exchanging saliva.

"Oh my fucking god... Megan's feisty..." Whispered Sam to himself, "she sure looks good on the bed..." He licked his lips, then bit them, "she's so sexy, I would do it with her any time, day, place."

Caspar inserted his penis into Megan's vagina, suddenly, Megan wasn't pure anymore, she had lost her virginity...

Caspar saw her and asked if she was ok. "Of fucking course I'm ok! I have been bullied for so long for being a virgin, even when I was 13! I'm just glad I could do it with someone I love." She replied nicely.

"I love you too, Meg."

They carried on, meanwhile outside the room , Sam kept going on about Megan and he didn't notice Charlie coming out, he slapped Sam. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing, Charlie. Have fun earlier?" Sam continued videoing.

"Who's in there?... Tell me who!"

"Shut up, you fucking idiot! You're lucky they didn't hear."

"Who didn''t hear?"

"Well, you're not gonna like it, boy, but it's Megan... And Caspar..."

Charlie kept quiet, with so many emotions, Megan had completely ignored the fact that he just went right on top of her just earlier! He nearly smashed the door down to get them to stop, but he decided not to. Instead he just walked down into the kitchen.

"Uh... Uh... Oh... Uh..." Megan moaned all through the time.

Caspar licked and licked, Megan now joining in, then they kissed again.

And soon later Caspar stopped and scratched his head, Megan still licking him though. Caspar stopped her and showed her the time, she agreed they should go downstairs now, they got dressed again, and Caspar, decided to stay topless to give her his top, it was quite big and didn't fit Megan, but they went downstairs anyway, Sam first, trying to not get caught.

"Guys, you can see it later I'll send it to you all." He had a really big, dirty smile.

Some people like Zoella, Phil, Dan and Felix said they wanted nothing to do with it.

Caspar came downstairs holding Megan and squeezing her bum sometimes. Maz and Sam wolf-whistled, and Marcus winked and said, "enjoy it then?"

"You were only up there for, like, 15 minutes." Tanya called out.

They blushed and Megan apologised for taking so long, everyone said it was fine though and laughed at the pair.

Charlie came out eating some party food. He saw Caspar topless and growled, "should we be getting back now?"

Caspar and Megan said goodbye and walked out. Charlie gave Sam his number and quickly said, "send it to me later."

Sam replied with, "top lad, top lap. Sure thing, I'll see you around."

Charlie waved and got into the back of the car. Then they drove off.

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