The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


12. The party part 1

Caspar walked through the open door, holding hands with Megan, Charlie behind, regretting coming here already. Alfie turned up at the door holding a can of beer, "wassup guys, Sam's in the living room getting pissed."

"Mate, I think you're pissed." Said Caspar. Soon after Sam came up to say hi. "Hello ,Sam, happy birthday! You got the present yesterday right?" Caspar asked.

"Yeah, hi. Hellooo pretty thang" Sam looked directly at Megan's boobs, and before she could complain to Caspar, who was talking to Alfie, Sam grabbed both Megan's boobs and squeezed. Charlie saw and smacked his hands off of Megan, "don't touch her boobs again, man, or else." They passed over evil eyes, then Charlie walked off to find the toilet.

Megan looked disgusted at Sam, and didn't like him already. "Right, sorry, girly."

Megan was disappointed, "my name is Megan actually."

Sam took Megan's hand and lightly kissed it, as an apology and sign of respect, but then he got higher up her arm until he got to her boobs again, then he full on kissed Megan, tongue and all. Megan did kind of like it but it was all wrong, she pushed Sam to the ground and ran to Caspar.

"Caspar your friend there is a pervert." She whispered.

So Caspar whispered back, "he's just a little drunk." Then he smiled.

Sam saw Megan was holding tightly onto Caspar's arm so he walked, drunkly to his pool, to hug the ladies there.

Phil Lester walked over with Dan Howell to welcome Megan politely, they were both some of the few to not be drunk... Yet.

Dan and Phil left and it was Alfie's turn to harass Megan, "when did you two meet?"

Megan and Caspar both chorused, "Sunday. In London. Trafalgar square."

Alfie cackled, "there already, copying... Or whatever it's called." Then he called Zoella over, another not drunk person "this is Zoe, my girlfriend."

Zoella and Megan had a nice chat actually, but 5 minutes later Zoella was called over by her brother, Joe.

Megan started thinking about Charlie, Where did Charlie go? I can't ask Caspar, it'll be too rude... I hope he's ok.

"Hey, babe, what's wrong?" Asked Caspar.


"Ok well why don't you get a few drinks?" He smiled.

A few hours later and the only person not drunk yet was still Phil.

When everyone was in the living room, Megan was dancing with Caspar, Sam suggested a game, "spin the bottle?" You could hear the slight evil in his voice, but everyone, including Charlie, came over to play.

Same spun the bottle first, the first bottle landed on... Zoella. The second on Joe, "that's incest spin again Sam!"

Sam spun it again and the replacement for Joe was Tanya Burr. The two girls were both drunk so no one even cared at the time, so they kissed, only quickly but still everyone laughed. The next two was... Charlie and... Grace (from daily grace, nothing to do with bully grace, after this daily grace wont be in the book.), so, forcefully, Charlie quickly kissed Grace.

The game went on for 15 minutes, and Megan had kissed a few people already. "Megan again... wiiiith... Charlie." Sam called out.

Megan's best friend, could she really do this? But before she could really think, Charlie zoomed in and kissed and kissed, everyone was too pissed to care, but Caspar did leave to get a cookie a while ago, he had no idea what was going on.

Megan stopped refusing and trying to move back and just went with it, her and Charlie kissed, and with a tongue exploring Megan's mouth once or twice, they both quite enjoyed it, it was definitely a new feeling, but not the feeling of love, Megan felt more like it was betrayal, and she pushed away from Charlie, but he wanted more.

Charlie really changed when he was drunk, or maybe it was just his true feelings exploding. Either way, he didn't stop. He kept going, he put his hand around her head, making it harder for Megan to escape and he reached down the back of her top with his other hand, to un-do her bra, he pulled it off, and for one second Megan managed to get away but Charlie pulled her back harder.

The audience still excluding Caspar just sat there in silence, and Caspar asked what was going on, they all shouted nothing to keep him away from the room, they didn't know what else to do, they had to keep this a secret otherwise it could ruin the relationship between Megan and Caspar. Phil walked into the kitchen to distract Caspar.

Charlie tried pulling Megan's top off now but Megan flailed her arms around, slapping and slapping Charlie's face.

Charlie let go, realising what he had done. He apologised and left the room for a bath upstairs. Megan just watched him leave in disbelief. She quickly put her bra on, and asked to play a different game.

Marcus said truth or dare, so Phil dragged Caspar in, with his cookie, to play.

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