The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


9. "So..."

It had now been 3 days, Charlie was going to school again, but things between Caspar and Megan have been a bit awkward. One day, after school, Caspar and Megan had been walking to school together, and the subject just suddenly popped up. "So.. Uh... Are you and Charlie going out?" He asked, desperate for a truthful answer.

"Oh, haha me and Charlie? Sorry if it seemed that way, but no, no we're not. We are just best friends. Why do you ask?"

"Josh and Grace just kept saying your little boyfriend on Monday, I... I was just confused." He innocently scratched the back of his head, "I'm glad we got that cleared up though... Because uh... I've been meaning to tell you something..."

Megan grinned, "go on..."

"Well... I..." He coughed, "ok, ever since I saw you, I felt I was in love... I still do! Hehah! With you of course" Caspar put on his cutest smile, with his eyes scrunched up, waiting for a response.

"R... Really?"


"I feel the same way... I think I love you too."

"So... Do you want to go out with me?"

"Hahah! Hahaha yes Caspar! Yes!"

They both hugged, and had their very first kiss together, this was also Megan's first kiss ever, bear in mind she's 18!

"Ok I'll definitely see you at the party right? It's my friend's birthday he'll be 24, you probably won't know him but, Sam Pepper? Ok, well I thought it would be nice for you to meet the guys anyway"

"Yes I will be there, even if I'm not aloud, I'll escape!" She grinned, "just for you."

"Ahaha, just don't get caught!"

They both walked off into the distance, holding hands.

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