The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


5. New student

It was the next day and Megan wasn't as miserable as a few days ago, sure she was surrounded by bullies and only one friend, but she was away from her family and had a boy who really liked her! But, unfortunately, everything was changing for Charlie, he was more miserable then Megan and was now known as the emo of the school, now picked on instead of being a nice popular person.

"Charlie, please tell me? What's wrong?" Asked Megan, put down a little by her friend's unhappiness.

"Maybe I'll tell you at break Meg."


Everyone suddenly sat down at their seats as Mr Willoughby, strolled into the class with someone new, "riiight class! Today I'll quickly introduce you to Caspar Lee, Caspar has recently come back to England and is re-joining us, here, at the 'Creative University for Young Learners', come here now Caspar, do you know anyone here? I don't suppose you do, Caspar had to move down a year for missing so much."

Casper looked around and suddenly his eyes glued onto the sight of Megan's, dark brown eyes.

"Choose a seat now Caspar and welcome to English!"

Caspar sat at the empty table next to Megan and Charlie, "so how old are you?" Asked Megan, just curious.

"Only 19, you?" Caspar replied.

"18." She smiled.

Charlie looked away from the new couple, and so the lesson seemed extremely long for him, but like only 5 minutes for Caspar and Megan.


The school bell went off and English class was dismissed, as started by Megan, lessons of the day were asked to Caspar, and they had most of them together.

Eventually the day came to lunch time, and Caspar went off to make some new friends, leaving Megan and Charlie some alone time.

The two sat down at a small table outside, with food, to talk.

Megan started them off, "so what's going on?"

It took a while to get a response from Charlie, but when he did answer he answered with, "everything"

"Like what, exactly?"

"Well... My mum and dad, apparently haven't been happy together for a while now, and my sister died round her friends house on Sunday soon after I called you, and it turns out I have a twin somewhere, but I don't even know where, if it's a boy or girl twin or anything!"

"Oh, and here I am going on about Caspar to you, I'm so, so sorry, Charlie."

They both cried and hugged, and soon enough Charlie had calm down again.

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