The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


14. Moving out

Charlie whined all through the car journey, not able to look at either Megan or Caspar, especially Megan. Although everyone in the car, including Caspar, was drunk, Caspar could still drive very well he took Charlie back home, and after Charlie was indoors, Caspar and Megan were still in the car, they kissed for a few seconds, then Caspar offered to let Megan sleepover, so, obviously, she agreed, then Caspar re-started the car and drove on. "Will your parents be cool with this?" Asked Caspar.

"Of course!" Megan hiccuped. So as they pulled up in front of Caspar's house he carried the now sleeping Megan out of the car, to a bed for herself. Caspar slowly jogged back to lock the car.

Caspar entered the kitchen and was then sick all over the sink, this woke Megan up again and she walked down the stairs to see Caspar in the worst state of his life, she gave him a glass of water, which he hesitantly drank.

A few hours later it became 4:00 in the morning, the house was now fine, everyone sleeping silently but Megan received a phone call from her mum. Slowly, she uncovered herself from the large, warm duvet and answered, still slightly drunk, "mmhm?"

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Mrs. Atwell screamed through the phoneline and Megan pulled her phone a bit away from her ear, "YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND!!!"

"Huh? What? What are you going on about?"


"WHAT?!! HOW??!"

"You could have told me, come get your stuff so you can move out, bye." And she hung up.

Megan was confused, who would've sent a video? How was there even a video in the first place? She looked over Caspar's shoulder and saw his eyes wide open, "no sleep, huh?"

"Haha not yet, was that your mum?"

"Uh yes..."

"It's ok, you can move in if you want, but who do you think made a video?"

"I don't know..." She looked up at the ceiling. Then gazed into Caspar's eyes and said "I love you."

"I love you too." They kissed romantically, then went back to sleep, tomorrow was Sunday, and Megan had to get her stuff round.


 The next day Megan had woken up to an empty bed, had Caspar already left her? "Hi Megan, have a good sleep?" Caspar smiled from round the corner, "I'm just making breakfast. Pancakes."

"Thanks." She smiled back.

They both sat down and ate their pancakes, suddenly Caspar had a serious look, "something's been bothering me... About last night, at the party."

"What is it?" Mumbled Megan, shoving more pancakes into her gob.

"Have you got any pregnancy checkers on you?"

Megan stopped chewing and nearly choked, "you mean... We forgot the condoms...?"

"Yes... I want a baby don't get me wrong, but not at this time, while we still have school." Megan rubbed her tummy and said she completely understood and agreed. "The doctors down the road aren't open today either. Do you feel pregnant? Do you feel well?" Megan nodded slowly, "we should try to forget about it for the moment."

"Do you want to get the bus or a cab to your house and I can go to my mates to get a few condoms and stuff?"

"Please." So Caspar handed over enough money for a taxi ride and phoned them up.

"There'll be one here in 10 minutes."

Throughout every minute of the 10, the pair couldn't stop worrying, pacing back and forth, thinking, talking, then suddenly Sam came in a car. Caspar saw him through the window, "be quick and be careful."

"I thought you phoned up a cab?"

"I did. Maybe Sam wanted to talk or something, don't worry, but just be careful, remember it's Sam, drunk or not he's still Sam."

Megan nodded and waved goodbye as she entered the car, just next to Sam. "Hey, girly, remember me?"

"Yes," she sighed.

"Ok, well someone might have videoed last night and kind of.. Uh... Sent it to people."

"What people?!"

"Ok, well I don't know them but I didn't send them it." He spotted Megan crying but drove on. "This is your house?" Megan nodded, wiped her tears away and stepped out. Sam reached over and shut the door after her. He wiped the inside of the front car window clean, and waited, he heard lots of shouting from the house and soon enough Megan came running out in more tears then when she went in, she threw her bags in the car boot and told Sam to drive.

Sam drove, and drove, but where he drove Megan didn't recognise. "Where are we going?"

"Caspar texted me saying he'll be a while" then he pulled u in what seemed like, the middle of no where. "Why have you stopped?"

"Just because. Ignore whoever harasses you about last night, they're all twats." Megan giggled at this. "Has anyone ever told you how cute your giggle is?" He smiled, a friendly smile though, not like the ones from the party. "Uhh yes, my boyfriend, your friend has." Megan could see that Sam was trying hard not to look at her boobs. "Because I already have a boyfriend, Caspar. Remember?" She was getting nervous, as suddenly Sam brushed Megan's fringe out of the way of her eyes.

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