The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


3. Charlie Kingsley

Megan unlocked the door quietly, knowing her parents would either be asleep or having sex in their room, she ran up to her bedroom. This was the first time in ages she had been really happy like this, she decided to tell her best friend the news.


"Charlie! Your still at home? I thought you would've gone to your holiday by now."

"Yeah, there's been... Some problems."

"What happened?"

"Nothing major." He laughed to show it wasn't a big deal. "So what's up Meg?"

"Ok. So, do you know Caspar Lee?"

"My sister does, but I don't watch youtube often. Didn't know you did."

"I don't, but I was just out to get some bits, then decided to go to the Trafalgar square lion, like I always do, some stupid boy was taking selfies in the crowd and knocked me over-"

"Are you ok then?"

"Haha, yeah I'm fine! But then he turned and stared at me, he said I was beautiful! And I had this really weird feeling, one I've never really had before! That's uh... Basically it. Heheh!"

"Oh, awesome. So you like him then?"

"I think so. This boy was the youtuber."

"Oh. That's really cool."

"What's wrong, Charlie?"

"Nothing, seriously."

"So where are you going for your holiday then?" She was eager to know, "we can talk every day!"

"I don't know about every day, it sounds like you'll be busy, but I don't think I'm going anymore."

"Oh no! How come? What happened?"

"Stuff. Mum doesn't want to go, but I can go with dad."

"Why didn't you go then?"

"I wanted us all to go Meg. Oh, I have to go now. Good luck with Caspar..."

Before Megan could say goodbye Charlie had hung up, what's up with him? She thought.

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