The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


2. Caspar video "Selfies with strangers" Part 2

Megan, still upset, now felt a bit encouraged. She searched for her knife and locked it back away to be unseen again for at least the rest of this day.

She put her phone, keys and purse all in her small bag, and ran down the stairs to get out as quickly as she could. She stopped as she hit the living room.

"THE ORPHA-" Her mother started, she coughed, hid the wine glass that she was about to throw, and waited for Megan to speak, But her father, eyes shut tightly, didn't see Megan "THEN IT'S AGREED! WE SEND HER OFF!"

"Oh, Megan..." The item behind Mr Atwell's back dropped and as he flinched it smashed.

Megan was too old for he orphanage at 18 anyway, but she was now super depressed, just like before Charlie called. "I'm just going out... To the shop." Then she left as quickly as possible, when that door was shut the shouting carried on.

Megan ran to town and thought to herself, I could have done it... Just one. Just one small cut, no one would've even noticed.


Caspar walked down the path, on his way to town, to take selfies with people he didn't know for his video.

"C'mon, c'mon pigeons! pleease? Hey you know you want to!" He took a quick shot, the pigeons were too blurred though, so he went back to asking people, heading closer to the giant lion.


Megan came out of the shop, with the snacks she bought with her money, she spotted the lion in the square, she loved the giant lion, she felt safe when ever she rode it. She ran over but before she got there she got knocked over in the crowd by a silly 19 year old taking selfies, as he checked through his selfies he saw the girl, turned around and spoke, "shit, I'm so sorr-".

"Well maybe you should look where you walk next time." The boy helped Megan up and she dusted her self off.

"You're... You're beautiful."

Megan looked confused, no one had ever said this to her before, she looked behind her, then back at the strange boy, "me?" He nodded. "Lets move over to the lion, away from this crowd."

Megan and the boy pushed through the crowd and the boy pulled her up onto the lion as he gazed into her eyes. "Oh sorry! Uh... I'm Caspar Lee."

"I'm Megan"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Megan!" He had an enormous smile taking over his face.

Megan felt a warm feeling inside of her, "so, what were you doing?"

"Taking selfies", said Casper, thoughtlessly. "OH! Right, I'm a youtuber."

"Oh, that's cool."

There was a long and very awkward pause. "Megan, do you want my phone number?"

Megan didn't know how to reply other then sure, but they both exchanged phone numbers.

"I'll uh... Call you later?"

"Mhm!" Agreed Megan quickly.

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