The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


8. Bullies

"So... What lesson do you have next?" Asked Megan, but before Charlie could answer, Grace and her group came over and pushed Charlie and Megan off the table so they could sit there. "So." Started Grace with her really girly, posh voice, "I hear your dating a youtuber? Cheating on Charlie?"

Charlie blushed a little bit and spoke with anger, "Grace, you know we have never dated."

"Hmm, but you want to date her."

"What are you even doing here?" Shouted Megan.

"Don't interrupt, Megan, I am talking to your emo friend here." Megan growled. "Besides, you have never even watched any youtubers, I watch Caspar's videos ALL the time."

"You back off, Grace, you bitch!" Screamed Charlie.

"OOOO emo boy's getting angry. What even happened to you Charlie? Ever since you became friends with this freak your popularity only dropped and dropped"

Charlie punched Grace, who started screaming, crying and whining all through the rest of lunch, her boyfriend saw and walked over to start a fight, Joshua, the strongest boy in school. "You're in for it now you little bastard! And your little girlfriend too!"

Joshua punched and kicked at Charlie, this attracted plenty of attention, and yet still no teachers. Charlie's nose started to bleed to. "STOP IT STOP IT!" Screamed Megan.

"HAHAH no way! This is fun! Your boyfriend is easy, the little piece of shit! Just remember you're next!"

The fighting didn't stop, but suddenly Megan saw Caspar running over, just as Joshua grabbed her, and threw her at a wall. He tightened and readied his fist, for a good hit. He was to strong and all Megan could do was flail her arms around, screaming for help.

"MOVE IT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PUT HER DOWN NOW YOU BASTARD!!" Caspar pushed his way through the crowd and as Joshua turned, Caspar kicked his balls.

Joshua dropped Megan as his hands become occupied somewhere else, he fell to the floor whining.

Caspar picked Megan up and asked if she was ok, "I'm fine Caspar... Help Charlie out." She pointed to the bleeding body curled up on the floor, "I think he's unconscious, Meg! Hey you!!" He pointed at one of Joshua's friends, Oliver, "go get a teacher!" He stood, refusing. Caspar stood up and suddenly Oliver ran to the staff room to get help.

Caspar crawled back to his beloved Megan, now sitting up against the wall, his hand brushed through Megan's long hair, "don't worry, Megs."

Eventually Mr Willoughby got to the playground with 2 nurses, and everything was sorted out.

Charlie was still getting better but Mr Willoughby gave out detention slips to Joshua, Grace, and Caspar. Charlie would get one later.

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