Bad boys

"Don't Hurt me!" Harriet yelled
"Dont worry love, i wont hurt you" he said smirking

Hi im harriet, Im not like other people, have you ever seen avatar the last airbender?? Well thats me, I have the tattoos and everything though i never have been really mad, no one knows about my powers but when im threatened by one direction, the biggest popstars and badboys around im forced to take some drastic measures


1. Normal Day

Beep beep beep

I slammed my hands down on to my alarm clock, i checked no one was in the room and i jumped out of bed and hurridley got dressed, ever since i found out my new power i practice it every day so that i learn it quicker, i grabbed a cupfull of water, a candle and matched and a handful of rocks from my windowsill. I placed them on the floor, first i stood up and blew a fast gush of air out of my hands, i smiled at how awesome that looked, next i slowly lifted my hand up making the rock fly up to about 4 feet, i knelt down and lit the candle i twisted my hand round and made the flame dart up,i had to be careful with the fire because well its fire duuuh, i grabbed the water and shot both of my hands in the air and split them out so i was pike an aeroplane, i watched as the water split into two seperate balls in the air i crossed my hands in front of my and pushed the water back into the cup, i glanced at the clock SHIT im gonna be late, my parents are dead dont know how but they are, i loved my parents so much :-( i walked out of my house and climbed the tree in my front garden, i checked no one was looking and quickly flew to the next tree, this was my little game that got me to school quicker and it was safer, there are gangs on the streets below me and i shiver at the thought of the main gang: One Direction.

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