Bad boys

"Don't Hurt me!" Harriet yelled
"Dont worry love, i wont hurt you" he said smirking

Hi im harriet, Im not like other people, have you ever seen avatar the last airbender?? Well thats me, I have the tattoos and everything though i never have been really mad, no one knows about my powers but when im threatened by one direction, the biggest popstars and badboys around im forced to take some drastic measures


5. Crazy

Harriet's POV

I slowly woke up. Woah. I fell asleep?! Well, that's not weird or anything... I looked around and noticed I wasn't in the basement any more, i was now in a yellow bedroom with a big window and a massive balconey. 'Living it large' i thought. I heard faint voices coming from outside the door and I quickly pretended to be asleep

"How old do you think she is?" I heard someone say

"i don't know, she looks really young though" Another voice said

"Did you lock the window, Niall?" Yet another voice said

"Yup" I heard an Irish voice say.

I decided to 'wake up' then, I slowly opened my eyes and sat up, pretending to not notice them, I turned my head to look at them and I smiled, 'let them work that out' I thought. I looked at the walls.

"A bit bright don't ya think? This room really needs some Tlc right?" I said sassily, though, it was true, the carpet was grey and there was only a shabby single bed, which, I was sitting on, staring at the fiercest gang in the world.

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