Bad boys

"Don't Hurt me!" Harriet yelled
"Dont worry love, i wont hurt you" he said smirking

Hi im harriet, Im not like other people, have you ever seen avatar the last airbender?? Well thats me, I have the tattoos and everything though i never have been really mad, no one knows about my powers but when im threatened by one direction, the biggest popstars and badboys around im forced to take some drastic measures


3. Caught

Harry's POV

"Hey lads look up there!" I hear Louis yell

We flip our heads up to the trees above us and see a girl flying from tree to tree wait FLYING!?! "Hey you!" Niall called

Harriet POV

"Hey you!" I hear some one call, oh crap oh crap oh crap someone saw me but who?? I look down. Oh hell no, one direction shit shit shit. I nervously climb down trying to hide the fact that i was flying.

"H...hello?" I whispered as they stood in a circle surrounding me.

Niall POV

Damn shes beutiful-wait no i cant fall or her she was on our territory she needs punishing!

Harry POV

"Hello beautiful" i say stroking her cheek he grabbed my arm "OW!" I screamed, shit she's strong!

Harriets POV

no no no!!! Dont do it harriet dont show them yor powers DONT! The Irish one came up to me and hit the back of my head and i blacked out

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