Change My Life

Lilith is an eightteen year old girl and loves to volleybal.


1. Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Esther this is my first book so please go easy on me


Lilith Pov

I woke up with a small headache, tonight me and my friends May and Liv went to a night club in London. I'd just moved here. I'll tell you more about myself. I'm eightteen years old and i want to be a upcoming singer or dancer. Dancing is my life. If you want to know how many dances is do i'll just say them. I do Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz , Modern and Freestyle. Oh and there's one more thing you need to know. I'm the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, weird huh? Well it's summer and i have to go on vacation with them because or parents will be very busy with work. Ugh, i can't stand those other four. I can stand my brother but those four? No.. Seriously no, just no.

*The day of departure*

I grabbed my iPhone and it's loader. Then i grabed my backpack and bags. My brother Liam and dad helped me. "Sheez, Lili are you going to emigrate?" I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

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