My reason to be scared { a punk louis }

"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS BUG ME !?!" BECAUSE I - I think I love you..." WHATEV- wait what ???" ... ... ... ... ... ...


2. one

I woke to the noise of my stupid alarm clock playing 'Hero' by Skillet. I threw my hand on the snooze button and got up. "5:00 a.m. Great." I mumbled to myself. Just another day I had to deal with bullying with a razor. Ya that's right, I get cut by the same person everyday at school. His name is louis. Louis William Tomlinson, a.k.a. My cutter. Everyday he will wait at somewhere near my locker, and once I get there, he will come up behind me, grab me by my wrist, and run towards the janitors closet. Once he locks the door, he will just scan my body, then he will get his razor out and cut me somewhere. You guys are probably thinking 'well why don't you stop going to your locker?' Well every time I do, he will always still get me and cut me even more. He might also smack me or punch me !!!

I groaned at the thought of thinking about how today will go. I then got up and walked to my closet to get some school clothes. I got my shirt, pants, bra, and underwear trying to avoid getting my sweater because there is no use. Louis will just take it off! So I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. I quickly stripped my p.j.'s off and turned the hot water on. After that, I jumped into the shower. I took I really fast shower because I woke up a little late. After that, I dried myself off, put my school clothes on, put on some deodorant, and I also put on a little bit of makeup on. After that I left the restroom, and went to my bedroom and grabbed my brush and started to brush my hair. After that, I put my hair in a high ponytail then ran downstairs and fixed me some food. I fixed me some cereal then went to the living room and sat on the couch watching the news. I checked to see if my school, harshman, was closed. And it was! I was so happy that i didn't have to see that same razor and that same smirk of louis' today. I then finished eating and went back upstairs to go back to sleep since it was on 6:00 a.m. .

Authors note !!!! Plzzzz read !!!

Ok so I am kinda new at this. And I haven't put the girls name in here yet, but her name is Jenna Cantrell. I would LOVE to have some ideas from you guys !!! Thnxx love you all!!!!

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